One of the best parts in version control is undo. This is a quick collection of undo commands in git.

Unstage a staged file

If you staged a file in mistake, you can unstage it using reset HEAD:

# unstage file from staging area
$ git reset HEAD <file>

Unmodify a modified file

You made some unsatisfied changes in a file and want to discard it. You can use checkout -- command:

# discard all changes in a file (not staged)
$ git checkout -- <file>
# discard all modified files in workspac
$ git clean

Change last commit

If you forget to add some files or mess up your commit messages, use --amend option to edit your last commit:

# stage files you forgotten
git add <forgotten_file>
# amend the last commit
git commit --amend

This command takes your staging area and uses it for the commit. The amend commit will replaces your last commit.

Redo last commit

If you made a unwanted commit, you can overwrite it using git reset HEAD^ command like it never happens:

# reset your unwanted commit
$ git reset --soft HEAD^
# edit and stage your new commit
$ git add <files>
# overwrite the unwanted commit
$ git commit -c ORIG_HEAD

Git Configs

edit ~/.gitconfig file:

    unstage = reset HEAD
    uncommit = reset --soft HEAD^
    amend = commit --amend