My Projects

Markdown-Writer for Atom Aug, 2014

Make Atom a better Markdown editor for writers and bloggers.

RecordRTC-together Jul, 2013

Record video and audio together or individually on the web using getUserMedia.

Chatty - Meet New Friends icon

Chatty - Meet New Friends Jun, 2013

A location based social app to meet new friends nearby you.

MIST Project icon

MIST Project Jun, 2013

A mobile interactive supervised therapy platform.

CORS Planner icon

CORS Planner Nov, 2012

A powerful and elegant client-side timetable builder for schools.

NUS ivle JavaScript SDK Oct, 2012

A JavaScript SDK for NUS ivle Learning Environment.

NUS ivle Helper Jan, 2012

A Firefox Add-on that enhance and improve NUS ivle Learning Environment.

Task Meter icon

Task Meter Sep, 2011

A user friendly To-do list manager built using Java.

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